Staying Healthy in College

Obesity in College

(photo from:   Even with the health kick being in full swing in today’s world, many college haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. Between the snacking, lack of sleep, and … Continue reading

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Energy Drinks Thriving

    Finals are in the next couple weeks and you can see the final panic of saving a low grade point average in most college students. Routines and study habits … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Finals are just around the corner which means students are stressed trying to finish up any remaining class work and study for upcoming finals. Not sleeping enough can add to your stress … Continue reading

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Healthy Finals Snacks

Final exams are right around the corner, so close it’s scary. It’s easy to start stressing over the test you HAVE to get a 150 on to make that A, … Continue reading

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The Hidden Calories of Alcohol

Counting calories is a staple for most people on a diet, and with nutrition labels attached now to nearly all food available, it is not a hard thing to do. … Continue reading

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Health insurance for college students

A question most college students do not ask is about health insurance. Should I stay on my parents plan? Should I get my own coverage? Should I go through my … Continue reading

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Eating Healthy in College

  Eating healthy in college can be hard for students. I know that I feel like I do not always have time to cook healthy meals between studying for tests … Continue reading

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A Need for Mental Health Services

The first college campus shooting I remember happening was Virginia Tech in 2007, where 32 were shot and killed and 17 where wounded.  According to the shooters biography he suffered from … Continue reading

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College Health Centers Help Students Succeed

There have been a lot of changes on college campuses in the past few years. Colleges student health centers improvements is something that has gone largely unnoticed. Many college students … Continue reading

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Eating on a Budget: Ramen

Ever eaten Ramen Noodles? If you answered no,  you haven’t attended college yet. Every college student has experienced those cheap noodles, with their slippery texture, salty taste, and sodium content … Continue reading

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