Staying Healthy in College

The Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Junk Food

It’s hard to resist junk food, especially when it’s cheap and delicious. But there are alternatives that taste great and are good for you. An article on lists the little … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Behaviors In College Can Increase Cancer Risks

Some college students indulge in unhealthy behavior without thinking of the consequences. An article on the United Press International’s website has reported that some researchers believe this could increase a … Continue reading

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Health in Dorm Showers

If you’ve ever had to live in the dorms, you know using the dorm showers can be kind gross. The worst part of the showers is the stall floor. Germs … Continue reading

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Clear Skin Tips for College Students

  Anytime changes happen, your body has to change to adjust to the new situation. The same goes for your skin when you’re headed to college. Don’t let the new … Continue reading

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5 Snacks for Finals

I have a horrible habit of locking myself in the library during finals week until the time of my tests. The biggest problem I run into is that I miss … Continue reading

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Something college campuses should do too

Starting next school year school’s are going to have to make their pasta’s, pizza and the works whole grain, according to this Yahoo! article.   The changes are being lead … Continue reading

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Energy Drinks Thriving

    Finals are in the next couple weeks and you can see the final panic of saving a low grade point average in most college students. Routines and study habits … Continue reading

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Healthy Finals Snacks

Final exams are right around the corner, so close it’s scary. It’s easy to start stressing over the test you HAVE to get a 150 on to make that A, … Continue reading

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The Hidden Calories of Alcohol

Counting calories is a staple for most people on a diet, and with nutrition labels attached now to nearly all food available, it is not a hard thing to do. … Continue reading

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Health insurance for college students

A question most college students do not ask is about health insurance. Should I stay on my parents plan? Should I get my own coverage? Should I go through my … Continue reading

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