Staying Healthy in College

The Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Junk Food

It’s hard to resist junk food, especially when it’s cheap and delicious. But there are alternatives that taste great and are good for you. An article on lists the little … Continue reading

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Drinking Your Calories- Guide To Surviving Starbucks

With finals around the corner, the caffeine intake will be at an all time high. Visit Starbucks nutrition page to make a smart decision when choosing a caffeinated beverage. Starbucks has … Continue reading

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Obesity in College

(photo from:   Even with the health kick being in full swing in today’s world, many college haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. Between the snacking, lack of sleep, and … Continue reading

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Healthy Finals Snacks

Final exams are right around the corner, so close it’s scary. It’s easy to start stressing over the test you HAVE to get a 150 on to make that A, … Continue reading

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Eating on a Budget: Ramen

Ever eaten Ramen Noodles? If you answered no,  you haven’t attended college yet. Every college student has experienced those cheap noodles, with their slippery texture, salty taste, and sodium content … Continue reading

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