Staying Healthy in College

Health in Dorm Showers

If you’ve ever had to live in the dorms, you know using the dorm showers can be kind gross. The worst part of the showers is the stall floor. Germs … Continue reading

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Clear Skin Tips for College Students

  Anytime changes happen, your body has to change to adjust to the new situation. The same goes for your skin when you’re headed to college. Don’t let the new … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Finals are just around the corner which means students are stressed trying to finish up any remaining class work and study for upcoming finals. Not sleeping enough can add to your stress … Continue reading

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Eating on a Budget: Ramen

Ever eaten Ramen Noodles? If you answered no,  you haven’t attended college yet. Every college student has experienced those cheap noodles, with their slippery texture, salty taste, and sodium content … Continue reading

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