Staying Healthy in College

Reduce Anxiety During Finals

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by final exams.

If you asked this question out loud and then looked around the room, you’d probably find out you are not even close to being alone. Finals seem to be this educational standard set forth by none other than Satan himself, but alas they are a necessity in the college world. They cause enough anxiety to make you want to chew through a number two pencil and doodle pictures into your Blue Book instead of that three page essay answer.

It’s very important to check your anxiety at the door before AND during finals. Check out these lists from the College and Careers to reduce your testing stress before and during the big test, and be sure to check out their other anxiety reduction tips!


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A journalism graduate student with a west Texas home and a Hill Country heart. Red Dirt fanatic, poor excuse for a song writer and poet.

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