Staying Healthy in College

Energy Drinks Thriving




Finals are in the next couple weeks and you can see the final panic of saving a low grade point average in most college students. Routines and study habits either make or break the final grade you have in a class. Some routines include a vast amount of energy drinks.

Countless articles have been printed about how unhealthy energy drinks are for you, but they are still on the rise. “2008 study of undergraduates at a large public university found that 39 percent of students had consumed at least one energy drink in the past month, with considerably higher rates for males and white students. The study, funded with a National Institute on Drug Abuse grant, noted that energy drink marketing tactics are ‘similar to those used to sell tobacco and alcohol to youths'” according to the Washington Post article. 

It’s always a sight to see when walking through the library. Tables are littered with energy drink cans and they are constantly keeping the juices flowing.

One thing that I witnessed recently was when I was talking to a friend who presented in her class on how energy drinks are bad for you. She created that presentation the night before with an army of energy drinks at her side. Students get to the point that they don’t care how they are staying awake. They just care about staying awake.


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This entry was posted on April 30, 2014 by in Healthy Lifestyle.
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