Staying Healthy in College

The Hidden Calories of Alcohol


Counting calories is a staple for most people on a diet, and with nutrition labels attached now to nearly all food available, it is not a hard thing to do. But what about for alcohol?

A recent article by The Times-Picayune highlighted the fact that a lot of people don’t consider calories when drinking alcohol. In fact, alcoholic beverages are not required to list nutrition facts unless they have a health claim.

With limitless combinations of spirits and mixers, figuring out the nutritional stats for mixed drinks can be tricky for even the most nutrition-savvy individual. And while it’s no surprise that daiquiris are loaded with calories, most of us probably don’t realize that a “small” 20-ounce daiquiri can easily pack in 1,100 calories. And that “regular” 32-ounce daiquiri? Nearly 1,800 sugar-laden calories.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cocktails that are naturally low in calories and added sugars, or can be modified accordingly. Mojitos, for example, can be one of the best bets calorie-wise, with about 140 calories per 6 ounces. Compare that to nearly 500 calories for a frozen Margarita or pina colada, or the ridiculous stats for a frozen daiquiri.

For the rest of the article and more information on alcohol calorie content, visit The Times-Picayune website.


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