Staying Healthy in College

Smoke-Free Campus



What do the universities of Baylor, Oregon and Arkansas all have in common?

They are all campuses that are 100 percent tobacco free. This means no tobacco product of any kind is allowed for use on these campuses.

These are just three of the many universities around the nation that are either 100 percent tobacco free, or have some regulations against tobacco products.

“There are now at least 1,182 100% smokefree campuses. Of these, 811 are 100% tobacco-free.” according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. 

Texas Tech University has ran into opinions in the past couple years with their stance on a tobacc-free campus. The opinions vary from strongly against the use of tobacco productions on campus to strongly supporting it and every grey area in between. Tobacco products are used every day on the Texas Tech campus and it seems as though the university is at a stand still with the issue.

My personal view of the issue is a smoke-free campus would be great, but it is also stripping away the right for many people. I am in support of designated areas outside of every building on campus for tobacco use to be allowed.

The health benefits of having separated areas for smoking is also a plus. This would create a healthier university and also contribute to the experience of a Tech student. It isn’t the most fun thing in the world to walk through a cloud of smoke after you bomb a math exam.


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