Staying Healthy in College

Alternative to Staying Fit

There are thousands of diets and even more methods of how to keep in shape during the time you’re pursuing your college degree. Everything from waking up early to go to bootcamp to eating only three leafs a day. But, I have found one thing that not only keeps you active and moving, but usually results in friendships.

Intramurals at Texas Tech is awesome for keeping on the move and gives you an opportunity to get together with your friends and to meet new ones. There are plenty of different games to choose from and even if you don’t have a team, you can become a “free agent” and join a team that needs your help. Sports like golf, basketball, flag football and soccer are all plain and typical for intramural sports every where, but one event that I’ve found to be creative and original is also on the rise.

Battleship. No, not the old-school board game that you play during break time. I’m talking about you and three other teammates are in a canoe inside the pool of the Texas Tech Aquatic Center. You have buckets and shields to protect your ship. All you have to do is use the buckets to throw water in the opposing ship to sink their canoe. How awesome does that sound? Check out this video of battleship in action.

Intramurals is a great way to give yourself a break from your hectic school and work schedule. The games will continue to grow or new events are always in the making.

To join intramurals at Texas Tech, hop on to create your account. From that point on, check out the register dates for different events and IMleagues will send you reminders of your schedule and any weather cancelations. Not to mention Texas Tech intramurals are basically free to the students. You pay at 50 dollar forfeit deposit that you get back, if you don’t forfeit, at the end of the games.


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