Staying Healthy in College

College Athletes And Depression


There is no doubt that many college students struggle with mental illness and depression. A recent article by The Atlantic focused on the issue from a different perspective; depression from the viewpoint of a college athlete.

Jonathan Meldrum, a former Syracuse football player,discussed with The Atlantic his struggles with depression while playing football in a high-pressure situation.

“It was very hard, as a man playing D1 football, to go to somebody and say ‘I’m having a hard time’,” Meldrum said.

While statistics for student athletes are not broken out, these young adults face distinctive pressures that can trigger or exacerbate a mental illness, and may require more specialized attention and treatment. Unlike the rest of the student body, college athletes—particularly those participating in the most competitive Division I category—must manage a full-time sports career while being full-time students.

With the recent discussions of collegiate sports and unionization, the topic of athletes and depression is more relevant than ever. For further information, read the rest of the article on The Atlantic‘s website.


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