Staying Healthy in College

The Freshman 15

The Freshman 15

Having to my classes on campus was one of the things on the bottom of my priority list. After being in high school and always being active I was more worried about the enviable “freshman 15.”

No, it doesn’t mean that freshman act 15. Although that could be extremely accurate. The freshman 15 is a speculation that within your freshman year of college, you will gain 15 pounds.

Quite ridiculous, right?

No. It’s horrifying. Knowing that all of your hard work in athletics prior to college would just be washed away with unwanted weight.

Well, I’m here to say that this myth has been busted. Students are more likely to gain close to five pounds during their freshman year of college. In fact, the students that do gain 15 pounds are ten percent.

And while I have always thought the freshman 15 pertained to the female population, males are actually more prone to gaining more weight during their first year of college.

There has been a correlation between drinking and gaining weight, which doesn’t necessarily require an university but definitely adds to it. Wait, a correlation between drinking and gaining weight? There’s no way! It all makes sense.

College is a time when most students develop their eating and exercise habits that follow them outside of their educational career. The freshman 15 is more of a lifetime achievement.


More information on the Freshman 15 



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