Staying Healthy in College

Yale: Can a College Student Be Too Thin?

Frances Chan

When she went in for a breast exam, Yale history student Frances Chan was given an ultimatum. Gain weight or get out. At 92 pounds, a thin physique runs in Chan’s family. The University would not believe her so she was required to visit the doctor weekly.

“These appointments were not optional,” Chan wrote in a March essay in The Huffington Post. “The clinician threatened to put me on medical leave if I did not comply: ‘If it were up to the administration, school would already be out for you. I’m just trying to help.’”

It was only after Chan went public with her dilemma and plead with the university for months that Yale relented. After reviewing her medical records, they apologized. Chan said many students are naturally slender and should not be discriminated against because of it.


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